What Army Wives gets wrong about genuine wives that are military

What Army Wives gets wrong about genuine wives that are military

The show Army Wives has constantly gotten blended reviews those types of when you look at the military community. While there are a great number of relatable subjects in the show, there are some distinctions that clearly set the figures aside from genuine army spouses.

Community/class personification

One of the primary items that I noticed in regards to the show ended up being just how nice most of the spouses constantly appear to look — nice homes, nice automobiles, good clothing. And undoubtedly, these are generally beautifully built with perfect hair and makeup. In fact, a lot of the community that is military on a pretty meager salary providing us a reasonably modest life style. On an even more note that is personal we rarely look that good. I’m often operating from the home in yoga jeans, a dash that is light of to my face, and locks pulled back a ponytail.


This can be a tricky one. There’s no legislation against a wife that is enlisted friends and getting together with an officer’s wife. Nonetheless, we all know you can find guidelines on which our partners can and should not do in terms of getting together with one another at various ranks. Not merely from officer to enlisted, but even among lower standing enlisted and higher ranking enlisted. The show makes it appear as if everybody in the military can simply pal around with whoever they be sure to. Regrettably, this simply isn’t so.

Duty stations and going

Umm… does someone else ever never notice that they move? (بیشتر…)